BLAKELY 2885Continued rain conditions and deluged track pushes races to Saturday.  

Braselton, GA

April 19, 2019

With extreme weather conditions resulting in delays for Friday’s race day schedule, qualifying, which was scheduled for 8:30Am was cancelled in total. Later, as difficult weather conditions continued the scheduled race was ultimately reclassified as a practice. In brief, conditions remained treacherous throughout the day and despite a midday lull in rain, the sopping conditions were not too inviting. Several large flows of water were reported on track and while there was a slight increase in ambient light the skies remained gray and dense. Given these conditions the drivers decided that a practice session was their most logical choice for on track activity. While the adapted scheduled eventually saw a few drying patches of track only two drivers decided to brave the conditions.

Saturday now serves as a double race day for the Atlantic drivers. Starting positions for race one have been established based on practice times from Thursday. Dario Cangialosi has taken pole, Keith Grant in second, and Flinn Lazier in third.

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