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Hello, everyone and welcome to the tenth edition of Formula Race Promotion presenting the F2000, F1600, and Atlantic Championship Series!

We’re a little over a week out from load-in at Road Atlanta and we wanted to relay some procedures, changes from previous years, and items of interest as we start the season.

The weekend schedule is available here.

We will be paddocked in the Road Atlanta “Pro” paddock on the inside of the track, similar to 2014.

We will continue to carefully organize the paddock this year, primarily the tractor-trailers and large multi-car trailers. Load in is scheduled to start at 1pm on Wednesday April 8. We ask for your patience as we manage this process.

Registration will be at the Series Rig, and we hope most of you already have your hard cards. If not, we’ll deal with it at registration. If there is anything with your registration that needs to be added or edited, we can do it then.

Important! If you have not entered the race, and a number of you have not even though you registered for the Series, go to  in the April calendar and complete it.

The easiest way to tell is go to the site and see if your name is listed under ‘FRP rounds 1-2’ in April.

We intend to use a “written drivers meeting” approach to shorten the actual driver’s meeting. It’s sometimes referred to as the supplementary rules; it has real information, and we expect everyone to read it.

Our staff will be in the paddock and available for questions and comments. Just look for the distinctive, logo laden shirts.

We will have the following available at the Series Rig: Weekend schedule, Series rules, Driver’s meeting minutes, track map, points, prizes and results.

And last, if you have any questions about licenses, registration, tech, or anything else, now is a good time to call us. 855-722-3377. The contact list with extensions is on the website.

Douglas Kniffin of Kniffin Photography is the series photographer.  Photos will be available via their website, Kniffin Photography, shortly after each event.  If you need any specific shots or edits you can find him track side or reach him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.