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We're a week out from load in the VIR for races 5 & 6 of the 2014 season.  First, if you haven't registered yet, this is a gentle reminder to do so at

Some specifics:  Load in is 5:30 PM on Wednesday afternoon.  Richard Childress Racing has rented the track and unfortunately won't allow anyone in before they're finished for the day.  We will stage along the road into the track.  Registration will be at the Series trailer for the weekend.  If you have guests coming, please let Lenore or Joan know as early as possible and when note they are coming.  Guests should register before noon Fri- Sun. Please give a list to Lenore or Joan either at the track or by e-mail.

The paddock has new paving!  No more dust!  Everybody who plans to uncouple a trailer needs to have pads for their jacks, no exceptions.  We (and therefore you) will get fined for any damage to the new asphalt.

For the test day, the schedule will be very similar to Road Atlanta and posted on the series website.

We will use access along the pit lane Thursday, then revert to the normal false grid at the top of the hill for official practice Friday.

Fuel for the weekend is as follows:  Zetec and Honda; 93 octane at the track.  Pinto and Kent engines; 110 octane at the track.  Atlantics; 110 octane at the track or Sunoco 260GT per the rules.

Thanks, and see you next week.