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Registration is now open for the F2000, F1600 and Atlantic Championship Series 2014 season.

Formula Race Promotions has contracted with online registration company for both Series entry and race entry chores.

Click here to go to

You will need to log into the site and click Formula Race Promotions on the pull down club menu for Series registration.

The events are listed on the calendar and can be entered as of now for any 2014 race. Payment choices include major credit cards, PayPal, check, or other Series acceptable means.  Have some patience as this is a new system for us and will most likely initially have a few bugs.

All drivers need to be SCCA members and have a SCCA Pro Racing license if you plan to enter more than one weekend, two races.

All crew members entering the hot pits need to have a SCCA Pro Racing Crew License hard card.

The Pro Racing driver and crew credentials are included in the price of your Series registration.

The SCCA forms are downloadable from the Series web site via the quick links (right side) on the competitor’s page, and should be completed, scanned (PDF) and forwarded to Joan Jerominski via email for countersigning or send directly to SCCA Pro Racing in Topeka, KS with a notarized signature.

The sooner you can do this, the better.

All questions should be directed to Joan Jerominski either by email or through the Series main phone number; 855-722-3377 ext 706.

As in the past, we are offering an early registration package between now and March 1st: Atlantic; 5 weekends for $5,625; F2000; 7 weekends for $6,270; F1600; 7 weekends for $5,350. We will also offer a 4 test day pre-pay package for $950.

If you choose any of these packages, choose “pay by check” on the registration form for each event, even if you want to pay with a card, and we’ll contact you for payment.